Our Unique Environment

Our beautiful, comfortable, home-like environment invites a calm, orderly day and conveys our respect for the children and those who work with them. Our space is filled with evidence of those who spend time here, giving each member of the Estes Children's Cottage community a sense of belonging. Our environment is intentional; it guides our practice and our children’s explorations.

Our indoor environment is designed to allow children ample opportunities to explore open-ended materials, interact with others and feel comfortable in a home-like space. We show respect for the children in the range of materials and spaces offered and the beauty and care we take in setting up the environment.

Our outdoor environment includes a large fenced area with many natural elements to explore. Children are encouraged to interact with sand, dirt, water, rocks, trees, bushes and flowers. Our children’s garden also includes elements especially designed for young children, such as different levels to navigate, climb, slide and roll down and paths on which to exercise gross motor skills with various push/pull toys, riding toys and tricycles.

We also have over an acre and a half of land in which to enjoy nature and to bring indoor activities out of doors. Our close proximity to a nature tail, creek, park and side-walked roads allows us to explore the outdoors further into the community. We strive to spend a lot of time outdoors, allowing children to connect with nature, appreciate beauty and work and play in a most natural way. We enjoy observing and experiencing various types of weather, outdoor creatures and the changes of the seasons.

Estes Children's Cottage is proud to have the first Nature Explore Certified Classroom in North Carolina!

Visit www.natureexplore.org to learn more about this program.