Our Healthy Meals Program

As with every part of our days at Estes Children's Cottage, meal time provides an important opportunity for learning and relationship building. We provide freshly prepared breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack every day for children and teachers to share and enjoy.

We are proud to participate in the SpoonFULL Meal Program, which crafts meals with care using local products whenever possible, including locally sourced meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables. Prioritizing fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains while limiting salt, sugar, fat and preservatives makes SpoonFULL unique. The meal preparation team uses only canola and olive oil in cooking and uses nutritious brown rice, whole-grain breads and whole wheat macaroni whenever possible. The menus vary by the season and new foods are introduced to children in tasty and appealing ways.

Meals are prepared fresh each day and delivered to us at Estes Children's Cottage. We provide breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack to all children. Teachers eat with the children and the meals are served in family-style manner. Children participate in serving the meals, learning important social and cognitive skills through this every day activity.

We accommodate special diets and food allergies with appropriate substitutions so that everyone can participate in this important community activity.

Sharing the food prepared by SpoonFULL is an important part of the children’s days and, in a prime example of our Emergent Curriculum, their interest inspired us to explore more about the kitchen and chefs who prepare our food. Together, we went to visit the SpoonFULL kitchen, as described in this article.

Read the blog post we wrote to learn more about our involvement with SpoonFULL meal program:.